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Traveling with Children

Traveling with children may generate panic and fear as images of diaper laden luggage and formula soaked hand bags come to mind. The novice traveling family may stick to well-trodden paths, making spring break trips to the tourist heavy Disneyland or by loading up the SUV and hitting rural routes to a nearby National Park. This does not have to be the case (granted – these are excellent trips to practice on!). Children make excellent traveling companions and travel adventures are much more rewarding when experienced through the eyes of a child.

Last night I spent the evening at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park where Leslie Forsberg presented her book “Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids” to a captivated audience. Leslie, a former Editor for Alaska Airlines magazine, works as a freelance travel writer and is familiar with the ins and outs of traveling with children having traveled extensively with her daughter. The night was filled with great advice, tips, and anecdotes, but overall, to truly enjoy traveling with children, the best thing a parent can do is involve the child in every step of the process. Obviously this works best when your child is actually able to plan, pack, and prepare, but even small children enjoy being a part of the preparation phase. Other ideas for older children include:
-Learn the language, practice basic conversational skills in the native language of the country you will be visiting
-Create a “pin” map which your children can mark with their journeys
-Try the foods before you go
-Read guide books and watch videos together
-Find a pen-pal in the country you are visiting for your child to write to
-Attend travel seminars and festivals

Having worked as a nanny for almost seven years now, I have had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. My advice: don’t make travel stressful, let the rules relax, try new things, and everyone ends up having a good time! Travel is about becoming more culturally sensitive and opening our eyes to new experiences. Our children will become the future business people, leaders, and innovators of this world, it is our duty to instill in them compassion and understanding for others.


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Thank you for your post. I will have to look up the book you mentioned.
I do have to wonder how a woman with A daughter has the experience to write about traveling with children. There is a very big difference between having A child, two children and three or more children.
My wife and I have traveled a lot with our up to five children. (We were traveling before all five were born.) Trying to manage (herd) children who outnumber you is a much different travel experience.

Thank you.

by Travel4gro

Well, I read an excerpt from that book. Based on that it is an interesting book. It points out several things I have noticed and use to try to convince other parents to travel with their children.

I did notice that most of the stories (very interesting, by the way) were by parents with 1, maybe 2 children. I wonder if she has any stories about traveling with large families?


by Travel4gro

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