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Photo Friday!

This past weekend my sister Brianna and I loaded up the car and headed for Forks, Washington, or should I say Twilight Town? While my sister and I have both read the Twilight series and seen the movies, we are a far cry from the crazy Twilight fans who roam the city of Forks. We decided we wanted to best fit in and donned our Jacob and Edward gear and every now and then sported a pair of vampire fangs. It was all in the name of fun. Who did I choose? Jacob of course, no one can deny those abs! And truth be told, the number of Jacob fans in Forks far outweighed Team Edward, sorry Brianna.


Forks is really just a blur in your window along Highway 101, but with the popularity of Twilight there are days when the visitor population outnumbers the resident population. The company Dazzled by Twilight has a monopoly on all Twilight paraphernalia running a collection of stores, a restaurant, and a tour company.


The tour was pricey, but well worth it. Check out our stylish ride:


While the Forks scenes of the Twilight movies were filmed outside of Portland, Oregon. Author Stephenie Meyer thoroughly researched the town of Forks and each place in the book is based off of a real place in Forks. Take the Cullen mansion for example. Stephenie based the mansion off of this little family run Bed and Breakfast.


Bella's house is privately owned, and in true Bella fashion I tripped in a pothole in their driveway while taking this photo.


We made a quick stop at Forks High School where Bella first met the mysterious Edward Cullen.


Our tour also took us to the Forks Hospital where Carlisle Cullen works. He even has a spot reserved in the parking lot.


Our last stop in Forks before crossing the treaty line into La Push was to get a look at Bella's truck. True Twilight fans will know the one used in the movie was actually not the same year described in the books. I couldn't help getting into character and channeled my inner Bella.


It was off to La Push where we stopped at Jacob's house. We couldn't help but laugh when the only three males on the tour got real excited by the bike. I think it was the only time the ladies were waiting on the guys to get back on the bus.


Our last stop on the tour was Rialto Beach, the sand made famous when Bella first realized the truth about the Cullen family.


Back in Forks we toured the Twilight shops. Some girls almost had a heart attack when they stumbled across this scene thinking it was Jacob Black in the flesh.


But, seriously, Edward fans, what is it you see in this guy?


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That tour looks really fun! Who knew they had such things?
I am a Jacob fan myself. He is so cute and CUT! Yeah! Personally, I think Edward is only cute b/c of his attitude and how he treats Bella otherwise, meh. Jacob, Jacob! :)

by CanaGerm

Definitely an interesting blog especially for Twilight fanatics. Good scene shots too!

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by Ralph

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