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The Splendor of Washington's National Mall


The National Mall is the hub of activity in Washington, DC. Sure the paths are crowded with tourists, but it is amongst the marbled monuments that so many historical events have occured. The Mall is a bustle of activity during the day, but visit in the early morning and late night hours and you will likely find yourself drawn into a serene and peaceful world where crickets serenade and lit monuments dazzle. Between the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol building the Mall runs two miles long and encompasses dozens of museums, memorials, and historical landmarks.


When I arrived in DC this past weekend I headed straight to the National Mall. I’m all about utilizing the light and weather to my photographic advantage and with rain heading in, I made a mad dash to capture the splendor of this open green space while I could. The following photos represent a collage taken at random points throughout the weekend and are in no particular order.


I first said hello to Honest Abe sitting atop his marble throne at the Lincoln Memorial and stood where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.


I paid my respects to those who fought in the Korean, Vietnam, and World Wars at the respective memorials.


I starred up at the dizzying heights of the Washington Monument.


I caught a glimpse of Mr. Thomas Jefferson standing tall at the Jefferson Memorial.



Finally, I made it to the Capitol building – the sight of thousands of significant historical changes in our Nation’s history and the platform for future change. While many may consider the White House to the mascot of Washington DC, I personally find the Capitol building to be the most impressive and iconic building in the United States.


On my last night in DC I revisited the Mall to admire the sights by night. Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial I was truly moved by my fortune to live in such a safe and beautiful country. Our opportunities are limitless and our riches many.


This was my second visit to DC and the type of place I could easily return to again and again (That coming from someone who vows never to make repeat visits to any destination!). As a teenager Washington DC was the first placed I really “travelled”, and my visit encouraged me to truly recognize the importance of our Nation’s history.

Returning to DC this past weekend would prove to be just as invigorating as my last. This was my first ever solo trip and a true awakening as I felt a surge of independence and empowerment. I can only imagine that these feelings must have been just a glimpse into the experience of our Founding Fathers as they separated from British rule and built the United States of America. The road was difficult and the path bumpy, but they were optimistic and driven. Today it is important to hold fast to these values as our country continues to evolve and improve. Just as our Founding Fathers proved, we can make change happen and we have a right to stand up for what we believe in. No matter your religion, culture, identity, or political stance - we all have a voice, let it be heard!

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