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Boogie Boarding on Big Beach

Hawaiian Adventures: Day Two

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Our living arrangements in Maui were simple. While our parents and siblings crowded together in a two room condo, we thought it best to stay at the hotel next door. We would have the luxury of our own space away from the chaos which comes natural to large groups of people confined in a small area. Not to mention, the space at the condo was scant. My sisters were already camped out on the living room floor leaving the only remaining floor space a gap between the toilet and shower. We thought we were so smart as we checked into our kitschy little hotel room complete with a garish print floral bedspread while everyone else next door was contemplating how six people would share two beds. Sure our place had some of the most hideous décor in the Pacific, but the solitude was worth every tacky hibiscus in that place.


Our first morning in Maui began with a leisurely stroll along Kaanapali Beach. Or to be more precise, our first morning in Maui began somewhere between the hours of three and four as we paced around waiting for the sun to rise (silly time differences). We followed the beach as far as it would take us, noticing along the way that the beach directly in front of our hotel was probably the most dangerous section of shoreline. Here waves crashed over lava rock and coral in a tremendous display. Elsewhere the waves gently rolled, softly splashing against the shore. We quickly decided that today would be a day of beach hopping in an attempt to find the perfect sandy shore.


We joined our family members for a quick breakfast before we loaded up our fleet of rental cars with boogie boards, snorkel gear, umbrellas, and lounge chairs. Our first stop was to check out Kahekili Beach Park – the sight for our vow renewal (the other choice was Slaughterhouse Beach – but you know… being vegetarian and all…). Kahekili Beach was perfect (technically a part of Kaanapali Beach). The snorkeling is fantastic here, so we of course made the obligatory quick snorkel dive before heading on out to bigger and better beaches.

We made another brief stop at Palauea Beach in Wailea. On my Dad’s last visit he often found sea turtles parked on the beach soaking up the sun here, but our luck was not as good. Rather than spotting any marine animals, we instead got caught up with a particularly drunk local who enjoyed using her middle finger in excess. Between her rants and the noisy construction next door, we moved on.


As Dan and I have both been to Maui before, we knew just the place to go. I last visited in February of this year (I know you’d like to think that I don’t have a job, but this time it was for work) and fell in love with Big Beach on Maui’s south shore. Here the broad sandy beach stretches forever and the lack of resort development make it a local’s playground. Oh yeah… and the waves are huge. Dan spent several weeks in high school practically camped out on Big Beach where he perfected his boogie boarding skills.

So with sentimental longings, we loaded up the family and headed for Big Beach. Dan was determined to catch a wave and he practically sprinted towards the water upon first stepping foot in the sand. The rest of us grudgingly carried all the beach gear and set up camp in the shade. My dad and sisters quickly joined Dan as they all tried to outdo each other in their own wave riding competition while I lingered by the shore with camera in hand.


The day wore on and our appetites grew. Dan was starting to resemble a lobster (What is it with him? No matter how much I harass him, I can’t get him to wear sunscreen!), my sisters were fading into what they refer to as “Angry Jen” – a common nickname when referring to my state during extreme hunger, and Dan’s Dad was conked out behind the Life Guard Station with his mouth hanging open – snores, drool, the works.

A late lunch/early dinner was necessary. We headed to Kihei, where we found ourselves in an oddly abandoned, yet highly recommended joint called Lulu’s. With open seating over the ocean, we could still smell the salty sea breezes as we gobbled up a lifetime worth of greasy fries and burgers (veggie, of course). Lulu’s was oddly decorated in an assortment of garage sale finds, while the walls were plastered in hundreds of dollar bills. The open air seating allowed for the assortment of tropical birds to peruse the table in search of a free meal. Tired and full, yet content, we headed back to the hotel to spend the remaining hours of daylight lounging by the hotel pool. Ah, the ways of a leisurely vacation.


As the sun set, so did our energy. Our early three o’clock rise was catching up with us. We said our farewells to the family and headed back to our hotel and our tropically neon lit bedspread. No matter how bright the colors of the gaudy décor, once our heads were resting upon our ornate pillowcases we immediately drifted off to sleep to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore below. In the dark, I could almost just pretend I was staying at the Four Seasons. Almost.

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