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Photo Friday!

This past weekend my sister Brianna and I loaded up the car and headed for Forks, Washington, or should I say Twilight Town? While my sister and I have both read the Twilight series and seen the movies, we are a far cry from the crazy Twilight fans who roam the city of Forks. We decided we wanted to best fit in and donned our Jacob and Edward gear and every now and then sported a pair of vampire fangs. It was all in the name of fun. Who did I choose? Jacob of course, no one can deny those abs! And truth be told, the number of Jacob fans in Forks far outweighed Team Edward, sorry Brianna.


Forks is really just a blur in your window along Highway 101, but with the popularity of Twilight there are days when the visitor population outnumbers the resident population. The company Dazzled by Twilight has a monopoly on all Twilight paraphernalia running a collection of stores, a restaurant, and a tour company.


The tour was pricey, but well worth it. Check out our stylish ride:


While the Forks scenes of the Twilight movies were filmed outside of Portland, Oregon. Author Stephenie Meyer thoroughly researched the town of Forks and each place in the book is based off of a real place in Forks. Take the Cullen mansion for example. Stephenie based the mansion off of this little family run Bed and Breakfast.


Bella's house is privately owned, and in true Bella fashion I tripped in a pothole in their driveway while taking this photo.


We made a quick stop at Forks High School where Bella first met the mysterious Edward Cullen.


Our tour also took us to the Forks Hospital where Carlisle Cullen works. He even has a spot reserved in the parking lot.


Our last stop in Forks before crossing the treaty line into La Push was to get a look at Bella's truck. True Twilight fans will know the one used in the movie was actually not the same year described in the books. I couldn't help getting into character and channeled my inner Bella.


It was off to La Push where we stopped at Jacob's house. We couldn't help but laugh when the only three males on the tour got real excited by the bike. I think it was the only time the ladies were waiting on the guys to get back on the bus.


Our last stop on the tour was Rialto Beach, the sand made famous when Bella first realized the truth about the Cullen family.


Back in Forks we toured the Twilight shops. Some girls almost had a heart attack when they stumbled across this scene thinking it was Jacob Black in the flesh.


But, seriously, Edward fans, what is it you see in this guy?


For more Photo Friday fun, visit Delicious Baby!

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We Interrupt Your Programming

I will be taking a brief hiatus as I finish up my requirements to become a certified Postpartum Doula. While I appear to lead a charmed life, I do have responsibilities as well. Sigh.

But in the meantime I had my palm read and this is what the psychic told me...

1. I will have 3 children, 2 planned, 1 whoops.
Twins, perhaps?

2. I have a very long life ahead of me.
Phew... that makes getting on planes so much easier!

3. I have been burned, make that torched, in my previous relationships
Wow did she ever get that one right!

4. My financial situation looks positive through the end of the year.
Yet she failed to inform me of my financial future after this point

5. There is someone who has feelings for me who is afraid to tell me.
OK, seriously, who is it?

6. I like to have a lot of control and I cannot handle it when other people have more control than me.
Yup, she got that one right.

7. I am a very jealous person.
Jealous, me?!

8. There are a lot of paperwork and forms surrounding me.
That would be the Doula certification I have been neglecting.

Well there you have it, straight from the all-knowing Psychic Sofia. With that, I better get back to my business applications, certification forms, and essay writing. At least according to my life line, I know I'll come out the other end alive, perhaps with three kids and a secret admirer, but alive nonetheless.

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Kayaking Elkhorn Slough


I made a new friend in Monterey. His name is Hemingway, and he belongs to my friend Angie. Hemingway is actually a cat, except I couldn't help but call him Hercules because at 26 pounds, how could you not? We only discovered he was 26 pounds because Hemingway had a bit of a medical emergency and we ended up hauling him over to the vet. Angie swore up and down that Hemingway could not possibly weigh more than 18 pounds, but the vet proved us wrong.


Wouldn't you say he somewhat resembles this guy?


More on my animal encounters in a second.

Our second day in Monterey was first spent exploring Fisherman's Wharf. It was an early morning, as neither Angie or I are capable of sleeping past seven. We explored the empty pier as fishermen readied their boats for a day at sea.


The beach was sprawling and empty, except for a seal here and there. Word of advice: while California has many a beautiful sandy beach, the water is frigid - enter with caution!


We decided to head over to a local Farmer's Market to gather foodstuff for a picnic later. If you have never had fresh California strawberries I urge you to do so. The variety shipped to your supermarket simply won't do. Go directly to the source and eat them fresh off the vine. You'll never taste anything so delicious in all your life.


Post market we devised our game plan for the day: Kayaking. There is no better way to enjoy a farm fresh picnic than while floating on the briny blue in a kayak. We headed off to Elkhorn Slough where we geared up and hit the water.


It didn't take but several short minutes before we were surrounded with wildlife. Playful sea otters, awkward seals, and bantering birds accompanied us on our journey.


We even encountered a canine who was enjoying the seal show.


When it came time for lunch, we sidled up next to each other and broke out the goodies.

Of course our journey into the slough was only half as difficult as the journey back.


My arms were burning both from the physical exhaustion and from the sweltering sun. We had fun regardless and relished every moment on the water.


As the sun was getting lower on the horizon we finally made our way back to shore. Back home Hemingway greeted us with purrs of delight and the seal show continued.

Side note -- wear sunscreen on your feet!!! As you can see from my experience, lack of sunscreen + bare feet = blistering pain.


Oh and please refrain from commenting on my stubby toes. I can't help that I was born with miniature digits.

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California Girls

The West Coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan


It's amazing what a little California sun and some Beach Boys tunes can do for the soul. After three jam packed days filled with good friends, beaches, hiking, kayaking, and seaside roller coasters, I feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world. While the weather back in Seattle was actually just as nice, nothing can really compare to the sun in California. Plus, let's be honest, as the Beach Boys put it, "The West Coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tan," but the song is clearly titled California Girls, not Washington Girls. Deep down, I secretly wish I were a California Girl. Time to relocate.

I was headed to Monterey, California to meet up with my longtime friend/college roommate Angie. While most of my friends have done a bit of travelling, Angie reigns supreme. She and her husband Archie have conquered the globe backpacking through all of Europe and Northern Africa. They spent two years in the Peace Corps working in Mongolia and travelling through Asia. Now as I write this she is jetting off to the Middle East to visit Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey. Her husband Archie is currently spending several months in Syria learning to speak Arabic. Yeah, they are hardcore.

Saturday morning we started out bright and early with a fantastic breakfast spread at Great Awakenings near Cannery Row before making our way to the front of the line at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. For those in the know, the Monterey Aquarium just so happens to be one of the most renowned aquariums in the United States. Getting there early was key as Saturday is often the busiest day of the week. We lucked out and had the place almost to ourselves for about two hours.


While the aquarium is nestled in perhaps one of the most touristy areas of Monterey, we couldn't help walking amidst the tourists exploring the legendary Cannery Row. We didn't linger long as the hoards of tourists and trinket filled souvenir shops are not really our style.


Instead we opted for a stroll along the coast to one of Angie's favorite parks, Lover's Point. The views were incredible and each beach was dotted with sea lions.


As morning had slowly become afternoon we stopped in nearby Pacific Grove for some picnic makings before making our way to the scores of beaches along the scenic "17 Mile Drive." This winding route takes you along beautiful coastline and rugged forests. It is also home to the Pebble Beach Golf Links and this weeks U.S. Open. While we didn't see many golfers, we did see these guys on the green.


Lunch was spent lounging seaside. We spent a couple hours just basking in the sun and catching up on each other's world travels over the last six years in this spot.


Continuing on our drive we made our way to Carmel where swanky shops and artsy galleries lined the streets. Manicured women and chiseled men wandered with their perfectly pristine children. This was where the rich and famous maintain there homes away from home. We spent the afternoon wandering about the shops and admiring the picture perfect quality of the people and storefronts.


Upward and onward we went. We spent the evening hiking around Point Lobos which is located just outside of Carmel. We chatted about life, love, and happiness and reflected in moments of silence while admiring the natural beauty.


Our day ended with a drive along the coast towards Big Sur where dramatic cliff sides plunged into the inky blue waters below and mist rolled off the ocean and gathered along the coast. It was truly spectacular and an incredible finish to our marathon day of sightseeing.


In the end, my hopes of becoming one of those tanned California Girls that the Beach Boys croon about were dashed when I discovered my golden skin was a bright cherry shade of red. My Seattle skin just can't handle the California sun I suppose.


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The Best of the Rest

While I spend the upcoming weekend basking in some much needed California sun, I thought I would leave you with a little something while I'm gone. Although you may be one who sits down to a thorough reading of the New York Times each morning, I am not one of those people. Instead I catch up with my favorite bloggers. Today I give you my favorites. I understand that through this introduction I may lose some of you to those whose writing, photos, and creative genius are far superior to mine, and I am okay with that. Just tell them I said hello when you stop by.

Hands down, Kristin from Camels and Chocolate is likely the world's most fabulous travel blogger. I can't get enough of her witty commentary and spectacular photos. Her Southern hospitality will captivate and intrigue you, and her adventures around the globe will leave you envious.

For those who love food, especially those whose preferences include a delicious mix of sugar and butter, a journey to wondrous world of Joy the Baker is in order. She will dazzle you with her gorgeous photos and keep your tummy growling for more.

If you want to meet a creative genius at work, visit Marisa of New Dress a Day for a surge of fashion inspiration. While Marisa transforms lackluster garments into hipster threads on a daily basis, her creations never cease to amaze. Watch out Bravo TV, this is your next Project Runway star!

Finally, I give you Jim of Jim's Pancakes. The guy can make just about anything out of pancakes. Need I say more?

With that, enjoy meeting my favorite bloggers. I'll be back from Monterey, California in a few days time. Hopefully a few shades darker and a bit refreshed.

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